This Code of Ethics is established to set a standard of acceptable behavior for Bulldog Club of America members. The code is designed to protect the integrity of the Club and to protect and enhance our Breed.

*The objectives of the club as stated by the founders are:

*To maintain a standard of excellence for the guidance of breeders, owners and judges.

*To improve the Breed through encouragement of effort directed toward the approach to, or attainment of the degree of excellence set forth in the Standard of the Bulldog Breed.
*To stimulate interest in competitive public showing of the Bulldog.

*To further the interest of the Breed.

*To work for the general good of breeders, owners and exhibitors of Bulldogs.

It is in this spirit that the Bulldog Club of America expects adherence to the CODE OF ETHICS.

**Members of the BCA have an obligation to protect the welfare and the best interests of their breed by conducting themselves in a manner designed to reflect credit to themselves, their breed and the BCA.

**Members who exhibit are expected to observe the highest standards of sportsmanship; conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect positively on the sport of showing dogs; and exhibit goodwill at all shows and obedience trials.

**Members who contemplate breeding a litter, or who allow the use of their stud dog for the same purpose shall direct their efforts toward producing dogs of quality, of even temperament, vigorous and free of health problems.

**They shall be familiar with the bulldog breed and its BCA/AKC approved standard and breed only those specimens which conform to it.

**Members shall not engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of their breed, nor shall they malign their competition by making false or misleading statements regarding their competitors dogs, breeding practice or person.

**Blatant disregard for the standards set out in this code shall be considered unacceptable behavior and not supported by the Bulldog Club of America.