Our mission is to provide you with the most knowledgeable resources and links so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing or breeding a Bulldog. Our mission is not to sell you a Bulldog, breed your Bulldog, or recommend a specific breeder. Most importantly, our mission is to enhance the Bulldog breed through selective, quality breeding and home placement.


We recommend buying a Bulldog from a breeder who is breeding for show dogs. Most of these breeders will be members of BCA and/or a local Bulldog Club. They are breeding the best quality dogs to get their next champion. These breeders take great care to make sure their puppies are sold to homes where they become lifelong family members. Through selective breeding and placement, these breeders are serving your interests and the breed's interest. If you own a Bulldog, membership in a Bulldog club can be a great source of fun and information. To find a BCA affiliated Bulldog Club near you, click the link.


There is a dog show just about every weekend. This is a good place to start looking when considering the purchase of a Bulldog or any purebred dog. Go to the shows. Look at the dogs. Talk to the people showing them. We are proud of our "Bullies" and enjoy the opportunity to show them. Dog shows are a good place to meet many breeders and people who have bought dogs from them. You will be able to see the many colors and looks of our Bulldogs. To find a show near you, click the link.


Bulldog rescue is another way to obtain a Bulldog who needs a good home. Every Bulldog Club operates a rescue program to place Bulldogs who have come to us for a variety of reasons. Check with a local veterinarian for information on not only Bulldog rescue, but rescue for other breeds as well. Bulldogs are the focus of this web site. We hope these opinions would be applied to all breeds. For more information on the BCA National Bulldog Rescue, click the link. For more information on Mother Lode Bulldog Club-Rescue click the link.


It is our mission to educate as many people as possible to the responsibility of owning a Bulldog. We participate in several education opportunities during the year. We enjoy participating in Breeder Showcases at malls and pet supply stores. We enjoy talking with people about this wonderful breed of dog. We participate in The Pet Expo at Cal Expo where thousands of people come to visit the dogs and vendors. Our dogs can be seen as mascots at the sporting events of Folsom High School (home of the Bulldogs) in Folsom, California. Our "Bullies" enjoy participating with other members of Mother Lode Bulldog Club in the Homecoming festivities and parade. Buffy and Phoebe are Canine Good Citizens, and have been temperament tested as Therapy Dogs. Community service activities with your Bulldog can be wonderful and exciting.